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Structured Wire

The Foundation of Productivity

Structured Wiring forms the backbone of any system.  It controls the flow of information in and out of any business and gives you an organized foundation for your network. Piedmont Security Systems designs and installs structured wiring that delivers maximum throughput, and are dramatically free from bit errors.

Professional Installation

Structured Wiring Installation in Charlotte, NC | Piedmont Security SystemsQuality installation eliminates poor network performance and costly down time. Piedmont Security Systems takes the time to understand your applications and builds infrastructures that meet or exceed industry standards. You can trust Piedmont Security Systems to deliver the structure you need to have the most efficient system possible.

Structured cabling for computers and telephones

Copper-category 5, 5E, and 6 Pre-planning of specific cabling needs

Office and building expansion cabling

Cable drops, additional outlets, and split outlets

Increase Your Efficiency 

Business doesn’t stop when your system is down. With properly installed Structured Wiring you can decrease your downtime and increase bandwidth. With our experienced technicians, Piedmont Security Systems takes the headache out of your structured cabling project.

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