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Access Control

Know Who’s Coming and Going

Always know who is coming in or going out by gaining control of the access to your business. Piedmont Security Systems allows you to customize your access control by employee, event, schedule, time of day, and many other categories. The system is easy to use and integrates with all of your security systems.

Access Control - Door Locks and Intrusion Prevention | Piedmont Security SystemsManage a door from both sides

Monitor the entry and exit of all employees, with an access control protocol that eliminates unpermitted access - all while abiding by all fire/safety regulations


Security Camera Integration with Access Control and Intrusion Prevention Services | Piedmont Security SystemsIntegrate with your cameras

Get the full picture of your employees’ access by integrating with your security camera system to centralize captured pictures when employees utilize access points or for programed events


Access Control Log Continuously Recorded and Available for Review | Piedmont Security SystemsReview your Access Control log

Have all of your building's access information in one place with our access control log. All access is continuously recorded in the log and can be viewed live on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer

Unique Settings

Your business is ever changing and so are your employee schedules. Piedmont Security Systems gives you the authority to create and change schedules with ease. Our advanced access control systemgrants access to over 50,000 individuals, all of which can have different access authorization, with unique schedules. Authorized settings can be specified for time settings, zone settings, and holiday settings.

In Case of Emergency

In the event of a fire or other emergency, your access control system can be programmed to respond specifically. Program your system to lock or unlock doors or zones automatically in the event of something going on in your business. Piedmont Security Systems has you and the safety of your business in mind every step of the way.